2018 Archive


The seventh annual Portland Mini Maker Faire’s 150+ exhibitors ranged from crafters teaching people how to make a historical costume or learning how to weave on a portable loom, to more high tech skills like learning how to use a 3D printer or how to build your own R2-D2. We hosted in-depth workshops that taught you how to make a podcast, decorate a cupcake or make your own shampoo bars. We had some great show stopping pieces like watching a 2-ton steamroller letterpress a 42”x42” poster, you could interact with a 14’ water breathing dragon and watch a 440k lightening simulator splinter wood. There was something for everyone!

2018 Participating Makers:

Airway Science for Kids, Inc. | Teen Flight Program
Amateur Radio Communications | HAM Radio
Arachno Giganticus
Aria Couture| Sewing, Embroidery and More
Art by Nils Dougan | Laser Cut Art and Design
Artist & Craftsman Supply | True Blue Printing w/ UV Rays
Autodesk | Make Anything
Autodesk | Simulator Software
Bee & Bloom | Bee Conservation
Belljarcraft | Reusable Straws
Bonneville Power Administration Science Lab | How to Build a Turbine
Brainbow Industries | Balloon Forest
Brainbow Industries | Brain Storm
Bridgetown Forge | Blacksmithing Today
BSidesPDX | Capture the Flag
Carbony Celtic Winds | Carbon Fiber Wind Instruments
CNC for Fun | Computer Controlled Carving
COFFEE BEER | Portland Made Merchandise
Creative Metal Arts Guild | Jewelry Making
CTRLH | PDX Hackerspace
da Vinci Days | Rideable Kinetic Sculptures
Dave Gonzo | Metal Alchemy
David Knierim | Lightening Simulator @ 11am, 1pm, 3pm 5pm
David Perry | 3D Printed Awesomeness
Destination Imagination | Punkin’ Chunkin’
DIY Bar | Leather Keychain Bottle Opener
Don Anderson | 500,000 Volt Tesla Coil
DropBot | Tennis Robot
Earthly Delights |Lapidary
Elise Miller | Hand Carved Bowls
Elizabeth Jewelry | Handmade Jewelry
Epilog Laser Systems | Engraving and Cutting Machines
Escapism Portland | Biohazard! Game
ESCO | Metal Casting
Fabinous | DIY Hovercraft
FIRST Robotics | Robotics for students K-12
Fort Vancouver Libraries | Maker Program
Fortuna Found | Kids Kite Making
Game Lab Oregon | Playtest Game Concepts
Gwyn Marlow | Art of Origami & Imagination
Hands-On AR | Augmented Reality Glove
Happy Caffeine Designs | Laser Etching
Hillsboro Public Library | Coding
Hong Wong | Foldable Kayak & Canoe
ICEovation | Ice Carving
Imperfect Produce | Sustainable Food System
Interactive Museum of Gaming and Puzzlery | Make Your Own Games
IoT Sparkles | Programming IoT
iSpark Toys | Brains at Play
Ivan McLean | Trogdor the Dragon
JacQueline Sanchez | LEGO Jewelry
Knowledge Mavens | Smart Sneakers
Low Voltage Labs | Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Soldering Kit Projects
LyonCraft | Engraved Gifts
Mad Science of Portland and Vancouver
Magic Tool Bus | Mobile Maker Space
Manasi Deval | Quilling
McCloud Aerospace | Goliath Mk. II Quadcopter
Mel Paradise | Pixel Art Jewelry
Michelle Verheyden | Cuttlebone Casting Jewelry
Mixed Needs Plastic | Mobile Plastic Recycling Program
My Journal City | Repurposed Journals
NAWCC Chapter 31 | Making & Repairing Clocks
Nexgarden | Aeoponic Gardening
NW Elixirs | Spicy Cooking Sauces
NW Vintage Radio Society | Restoring Radios
OHSU ThinkFirst | Brain Station Activities
OMSI | Rig-a-ma-jig Building Sets
OMSI’S Fabrication Shop | Animationland! Exhibition
Optimystical Studios | Forging Jewelry Through Science
Oregon Agate & Mineral Society | Lapidary Arts
Oregon Potter’s Association | Footprints in Nature
Oregon Solar Car Team | Solar Powered Race Car
Orgelkids | Pipe Organs
Pacific Northwest R2 Builders | R2D2s!
PDX Code Guild | Fun with Synthesis
PDXYAR | The Swashbucklers of Stumptown
PIE Shop | Manufacturing Incubator
PIG Squad | Video Games
Pneubike | Compressed Air Transportation
Portland 3D Printing Lab | 3D Modeling to Manufacturing
Portland Children’s Museum | Water Lab
Portland Garment Factory | Upcycled Leather & Wool Keychains
Portland Jugglers
Portland Printers Alliance | Steamroll Printing Spectacular
Portland State Aerospace Society | Amateur Rockets
PortLUG | LEGO creations
Projects by Adam and John | 3D Prototyping
QuickDrawBot | Drawing Robot
Raw Oregon Honey | Local Honey
Red Troll Forge | Blacksmith and Bladesmithing
Rewild Portland | Earth-based Arts, Traditions & Tech
Rose City Astronomers | Solar Observing
Rose City Stitchers | Embroidery
Rustek | Handmade Skateboards and More!
Sand in the City® | Sand Sculpting
Schrodinger | Giant Bubble Project
SCRAP PDX | Creative Reuse Project
Sensorbot Birdhouse Project | Air Quality Monitors
Serial RS485 | Music Box
Sunstone Circuits | Circuit Boards
SurplusGizmos.com, LLC | Build a Gizmo
Swarm Portland | Bee Seed Bombs
Teatro Calamari | The Shadow Box
The Banner Project | Hand Weaving Banner
The Future Bus | Sound Installation
The Maker’s Box | Open Source Turtle Robot
Time Travelers Costume Guild | Historical Costumes
Tinker Camp | Cardboard Creations
Tom Dwyer Automotive Services | Make Your Own Pins
Trackers Earth | Forest & Folk Craft
Tube Goldberg | Custom Guitar Amps
University of Oregon | Sneaker Science
Uzumaki | Rheoscopic Fluid Table
Village Home | Craft Stick Fun!
Water Avenue Coffee | Flavor Profiles in Coffee
Weird City Games | Board Games