Did you know that PDX Maker Week is starting this weekend? (pdxmakerweek.com) This is the second annual PDX Maker Week (Sept 9-17) and it happens to be the week leading up to the Portland Mini Maker Faire! How awesome is that?


PDX Maker Week celebrates Portland’s active and diverse Maker community. “What’s a Maker?”, you might ask. Well, Makers orbit (except those who don’t) loosely around the intersection of craft, technology, hacking, DIY, learning, commerce and curiosity. If you’re curious yourself, take a look at Maker Culture on Wikipedia.


That said, and getting back to PDX Maker Week … the Week consists of independently organized events and activities from the Portland Maker world, including the Portland Mini Maker Faire. The mission is to highlight the cornucopia of local Makers, and give you an opportunity to connect with Makers and Making in the pursuit of learning, growth, social change, and entrepreneurship.


This year there are events from the Makers in Education Expo, to putting music to film (Marmoset), to Makerspace open houses to classes to help you learn a craft. At the end of the week is the fabulous, annual Portland Mini Maker Faire at OMSI to help bring it all into focus! So, check out the calendar on the PDX Maker Week website, engage with Portland Makers, and nourish the Maker in you.

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