2017 Archive

The sixth annual Portland Mini Maker Faire’s 150+ exhibitors ran the gamut from low-tech, like the art of bookbinding and DIY sustainable art, to high tech with demonstrations of 3D printers and virtual reality. You truly could find anything at Maker Faire – from the “Swashbucklers of Stumptown” offering lessons in swordplay and interactive pirate gaming, to an exhibit featuring locks and watches from the 13th century to the 21st. Visitors can build small hovercrafts made from old DVDs, foam boards and other material, powered by batteries, rubber bands or balloons; or add to the “biggest friendship bracelet in the world,” started at the 2014 Portland Mini Maker Faire.


2017 Participating Makers:

Amateur Radio Relay Group | Amateur Radio Experience
Andy Kennedy | Fluid Insight through Clay Art
Artist and Craftsman Supply | Marabu Easy Marble Kit
Audiolux One | See Sound with LED Pixels
Autodesk | Synthesis
Autodesk | The Future of Making
Bee & Bloom | Discovering Honeybees
C4Labs | Laser Cut Kits
Cascadia Turnshoes | Shoe Making
ChickTech | Squishy Circuits
Chris Malone | Steampunk R2D2 and WALL-E
CNC for Fun | Computer Controlled Carving
Columbia Willamette Faceters Guild | Facet a Gemstone
Creative Media and Digital Culture Program | Virtual Spaces
Creative Metal Arts Guild | Metalsmithing
Cymaspace | Fun with Cymatics & LED Art
da Vinci Days | da Vinci Days Kinetic Sculpture
Dan Howland | Papercraft
Daniel Muir | Twisted Copper
Dave Gonzo Sculpture | Metal Alchemy
Dave Knierim | Musical Marx Generator
Don Anderson | Tesla Coil
DorkbotPDX | Strange Things with Electricity
Elizabeth Start | Community Friendship Bracelet
Escapism Portland | Create and Solve Puzzles
ESCO Corporation | Make a Metal Keychain Casting Booth
Fabinous | Build Your Own Hovercraft
FIRST Robotics | Student-made Robots
Fog and Forge | Furniture Reimagined
Fort Vancouver Regional Library District | Couve Creators
GameLab Oregon | Game Design
Global Homestead Community Garage | Take-apart Table
Gwynievere Marlow | Oragimi and Mask Making
Hands 4 Building | Woodworking and Engineering
Hillsboro Public Library | The Collaboratory Makerspace
HotBot 3D | 3D Prototyping
Huckleberry Kids Rooms | Kids Furniture
Iceovation | Ice Carving
Imperfect Produce | Reducing Food Waste
InStove | Institutional Biomass Rocket Stoves
Intel | Intel Makers
iSpark Toys | STEM Toys for Everybody
ITSPHUN LLC | Geometric Art Sculptures
K12 | Harmonica Making
Leatherman | Leatherman
Low Voltage Labs | Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Soldering Kit Projects
Mad Science of Portland and Vancouver | Music Is All Around Us
MapleXO | Recycled Skateboard Crafts
Mark Keppinger | Electronics is FUN !!!
Mark Simmons | Extreme Close-Ups with Microscopy
Mel Paradise | Nerdy Novelties
Michelle Verheyden | Cuttlebone Cast Jewelry
Moltensteelman Studio | Walking Beast
Monolith Synth | Sound Synthesis Sculpture
Nancy Millis-MacHaffie | Hand Spinning
NAWCC Chapter 31 | Making Clocks
Noobotix | QuickDrawBot
Northwest Vintage Radio Society | Antique Radios
OHSU ThinkFirst | Brain Station Activities
Olander Earthworks | Sand Tray Play
OlyMEGA | Upcycled Pianos
OMSI | Cardboard Creations
OpenFab PDX | 3D Printed Awesomeness
Oregon Agate & Mineral Society | Rock Collecting
Oregon College of Art and Craft | Think With Your Hands
Oregon Potters Association | Peace Poles
Oregon State University | Making with Math
OreSat | Oregon’s First Satellite
PCC MakerLab | 3D Scanning
PDX Code Guild | Scratch Programming Fun!
PDX Hackerspace | Make, Hack, Create
PDXYar | Pirating
Pneubike | Compressed Air Transportation
Portland 3D Printing Lab | 3D Printing Zone
Portland Center Stage at the Armory | Costumes and Props
Portland Children’s Museum | Carpetecture!
Portland Garment Factory | Upcycled Leather Accessories
Portland Indie Game Squad | Video Games
Portland Jugglers |
Portland State Aerospace Society | Oregon’s First Satellite
PortLUG | LEGO Creations
Puddletown Panorama | 3D Photography
Qorvo | RF Technology
Raw Oregon Honey | Local Honey
Red Troll Forge | Blacksmithing
Rewild Portland | Earth-based Arts, Traditions & Tech
Rose City Astronomers | See the Sky!
Rustek Collective | Handmade Longboards
Sand in the City | Sand Sculpting
Scott MacHaffie | Scott’s Robots
SCRAP PDX | Creative Reuse Crafting
Simran Gleason | Painting the Faire
Solextract | Everybody Needs a Vise!
Steamworks R & D Labs | Interactive Steampunk Contraptions
SurplusGizmos.com, LLC | Build a Gizmo
Swarm Portland | Bee Seed Making
Tbot | Smart Tennis Tutor
Tinker Camp | Cardboard Costumes
Trackers Earth | Forest & Folk Craft
TravelTees.co | Portland Shirts
Truce Designs | Fiber Materials Science
Tualatin Valley Rock & Gem Club | Fun with Rocks and Crystals
Tyler FuQua Creations | Mechan 9
Una the Mermaid | Traveling Fanta-Sea Cove
Village Home | Make Your Own Scribble Machine
Weird City Games | Playing Games
William Smith | 3D Printer Filament Maker and Mini Arcade
www.MakersBox.us | Soldering is Easy!
Young Makers | DIY Jewelry
Zoe Jones Designs | Repurposed Clothing